Alfred (Aidan Quinn) appears from nowhere to help send the crooked gunmen to Jesus. Then ‘One Stab’ (Gordon Tootoosis) ceremoniously takes their scalps.
Legends of the Fall is an extremely satisfying slog of brooding emotions. With what begins in profound family bonds, the story follows the Ludlows though many detrimental years of jealousy, alienation and loss. If you haven’t seen the film, the power of this momentous scene can’t be appreciated. In it, the story capstones with what seems to be the broken family’s worst and final moment but ends in intense heartfelt reconciliation. Accompanied by its impeccable score, so many pieces of this scene’s surprising timing and composition are perfect. But for me, the greatest moment is in the eyes and embrace of Col. William Ludlow (Anthony Hopkins) and his estranged son, Alfred. Masterful acting and character development can amass impact from an audience’s own personal relationships and experiences… such as emotional barriers between a father and son.

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