As a kid in the ’80s, I’d often pick album covers or magazine ads or any kind of kick-ass-looking material to re-illustrate for the gallery on my bedroom walls or sometimes on my Trapper Keeper. I wanted to achieve my best rendition of, say, Madonna or a full page ad for a Trans Am or that cool face from Purple Rain. I grew up emulating the bold design that was around me. Along with logos and letterforms from the time, I loved the challenge of deconstructing and learning from other designers. It was fun.

Looking back now, I feel lucky in life doing things in my career that I enjoyed so much then. My tools are different now. The challenge is greater now as companies trust me to communicate on their behalf. But the reward is the same. It’s still damn fun and that state of play keeps good design within reach for me. Sharing that experience with my clients makes the best possible outcome for their brand.


My colleagues and I at FRED would be very pleased to learn about your business. Let’s work together to define your communication objectives and meet your graphic design needs. Please inquire below to discuss my availability.


I’m always on the lookout for young minds with fresh ideas. If you are a student of graphic design and seek an opportunity to assist in my practice, please inquire below. Be sure to include a link to your portfolio and share your specialties and goals.